1. You receive a pair of headphones and a MP3 player. This player contains various audio files read by multiple voices.
2. You put on the headphones and press play. We invite you to interact with and observe the space around you while listening to the audio track.
3. Silence will signify the end of the audio track and your part in the piece. Pass the player to the next listener.
4. The new listener is invited to put the headphones on and begin the next track.
5. The performance continues until each track has been heard.

When someone hears a story, they begin to reconstruct the space and the setting in which the story is taking place. Another part of them attempts to relate and connect with the experience and emotions of the storyteller. A good story is hinged on the balance of meaningful content, and the experiential descriptors that give it life.

In Sans y être, each participant is experiencing a small excerpt of a larger narrative. This narrative unfolds through excessive descriptions of seemingly meaningless connections in the storyteller’s surroundings.

Through the exploration of the multiplicities in a single moment, this work is an exercise in the reconstruction of time. The participant actively tries to bridge connections between what they are hearing and what is happening in their direct surroundings. By giving each participant a small excerpt of the story, a dialogue between them is integral to understand the larger narrative the work presents.

Sans y être was made in collaboration with Roby Provost Blanchard for the Unnoticed Art Festival in Nijmegen, Netherlands.