Tell Me Again is about memory, intimacy, and care.

Produced to be between sleep aid and sound art, Tell Me Again is a series of original soundscapes that features dramatized retellings of folklore from around the world. Each instalment is set to a unique musical score composed by an emerging Canadian musician. Drawing on the conventions of guided meditations, ASMR, and the oral transmission of folklore itself, these soundscapes come together as contemporary lullabies.

COVID-19 has taken a toll on the world’s mental health and wellbeing, affecting our waking lives as well as our sleeping ones. Widespread sleep problems are becoming their own epidemic, one appropriately dubbed “Coronasomnia”. In a time where people of all demographics need soothing, Tell Me Again revisits childhood memories and practices, transforms the everyday into the fantastical and helps people fall into relaxation.

Tell Me Again has been generously supported by Canada Council for the Arts.