The Sharing Economy is a video project comprised of conversations with strangers in exchange for simple services or objects. Collaborators for this project were invited to participate through Montreal’s Facebook trading groups.

In most major cities, a quick Facebook search for “trade” or “swap” will yield a multitude of groups that consist of individuals exchanging goods and services. This sharing economy questions capitalist structures, confronts social and economic assumptions, keeps goods out of landfills, and supports the development of communities within a seemingly isolated urban landscape. The Sharing Economy is the result of a six-month process in which I asked the participants of these trading groups to sit down and share their time with me.

Each conversation takes place in the home of my collaborator; some involve a cup of coffee or tea, while others take place over a communal meal. The project features almost 6 hours of candid conversation, with content ranging from the changing field of linguistics to the impacts of online dating. The consistency in the work lies in the gradual and natural evolution of the conversations featured.

The Sharing Economy is an effort to harness an Internet mediated community to create moments of personal connection in a physical space, and an attempt to remove the felt distance between individuals in urban environments.

In collaboration with: Cedric Laurenty, Chantal Lefebvre, Eve Thomas, Fannie Gadouas, Garrett Johnson, Jennifer Palaisy, Lucy Butler, Natasha Podd, Ola Kado, Sabrina Xuan, Selena Phillips-Boyle, Torrey Eamon Owen

Video Installation / 5:48:00